Hoists & Winches

Electric Chain Hoists

EC Hook & Lug Suspension Models COFFING EC Models – High performance hoists engineered for heavy duty industrial
service. Designed for safety, the EC incorporates mechanical load brake, motor brake, and overload clutch as standard.

  • CAPACITIES & LIFTS – Rated loads from 1/4 to 5 Tons, with 10,15, and 20 – foot standard lifts. Other lifts available. Standard push button drop is 4 feet less than lift.
  • VOLTAGE & MOTOR OPTIONS – 115/230, 208 – single phase; 230/460, 208, 220/380, 575-three phase. 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available. Two-speed motors available (3 to 1 speed ratio).
  • SUSPENSION OPTIONS – Rigid or swivel top hook, lug, plain, geared, and motorized trolly available.
  • STANDARD FEATURES – Mechanical Load Brake, Multiple Disc Motor Brake, Ergonomic Designed Push Button Station, Five-Pocket Load Sheave, Limit switches, Solid State Starting Switch, Panel Plate, Chain End Stop assembly, Overload Clutch, Helical Gearing and Oil-Bathed Transmission.
  • SMALL FRAME DESIGN – Features housings of cast aluminum alloy construction for minimum weight. Engineered and designed for use with motors up to 1 HP.
  • LARGE FRAME DESIGN – Features load bearing housings of ductile iron construction for maximum strength. Non-load bearing housings of cast aluminum alloy for minimum weight. Engineered and designed for use with higher torque 2 and 3 HP three phase motors.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Built in compliance with ASME/ANSIB30.16 and CSA standards.
  • ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS – Full line available to meet a variety of applications.

JLC Top Hook and Lug Suspension

COFFING JLC Models – Designed for industrial duty performance. Compact in size, the JLC features a multiple disc motor brake, overload clutch and chain end stop for safety.

  • CAPACITIES AND LIFTS – Rated loads from 1/8 to 2 Tons, with 10, 15 and 20 foot standard lifts. Other lifts available. Standard push button drop is 4 feet less than lift. CSA approved.
  • VOLTAGES – 115/230 – single phase; 230/460, 208, 380, 415, 575, three-phase, 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available.
  • TWO-SPEED HOIST MODELS – Optional with 3 to 1 speed ratio, threephase, single voltage only.
  • STANDARD FEATURES – Panel plate for easy access to controls and motor leads, Five-pocket load sheave provides smoother operation and less chain wear, Mechanical overload protection device protects operator,
    hoist and support structures from damaging overloads, chain jamming, and reverse phasing, and chain end stop assembly for added safety.
    • LIMIT SWITCHES – Adjustable to regulate upper and lower load travel. Brass nuts standard for improved repeatability and chain positioning.
    • OIL BATH TRANSMISSION – Precision machined alloy steel gears run oil bath for longer, quieter operation.
    • NEMA 3R PUSH BUTTON STATION – Ergonomic design fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation. 24 Volt Control for operator’s safety. 115 Volt Control available upon request.
    • FRAME – Compact aluminum housing for portability and ease of installation.
    • ACCESSORIES – Full line of accessories available.
    • CHAIN CONTAINER – Standard on lifts up to 20 ft. single chain / 10 ft. double chain. Chain containers available for longer lifts.

Model SLC Hoist

Easy to Use

  • Small, compact design-commercial & industrial applications.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. H4 duty cycle (300 motor starts /hour).

Special Mode Features

  • Friction-type overload device prevents lifting excessive overloads.
  • 10 pocket oblique lay liftwheel provides longer chain life and extended service.
  • NEMA 4 industrial-rated pendant control.
  • Lifetime, grease-lubricated gear train – less maintenance.
  • Alloy load chain (zinc plated optional).
  • Thermally protected motor prevents damage from possible overheating.
  • D.C. braking system for positive load control.
  • Durability – Epoxy powder-coat finish on rugged cast aluminum alloy frame.

EMC and EMW Models


COFFING EMC & EMW Models – Compact chain and wire rope hoists designed for a variety of light
duty applications. These models feature thermally protected motors.

  • CAPACITIES & LIFT – Rated loads 300 and 500 pounds. 10 foot lift with 6 foot push button cord standard.
  • VOLTAGES – 115V, single phase motors only.
  • SUSPENSION – Swivel top and bottom hooks with safety latches standard.
  • POWER CORD – Provided with grounded 3 prong plug for easy installation in any portability. Weighs less than 25 lb.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES – Upper and lower limit switches on chain models and upper paddle limit switch on wire rope model regulates load travel.
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE – Quick acting for positive load control.
  • THERMALMOTOR PROTECTION – Standard to prevent overheating.
  • LIGHT DUTY OPERATION – Rated for intermittent duty applications (10 minute run time per hour maximum).
  • ACCESSORIES – LLC-05 chain container (shown) available for EMC models.
Electric Chain Hoists


LHH Hand Chain Hoist

Coffing LHH Models – Stamped steel hand chain hoists are an excellent low cost option in the Coffing line. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for construction and contractor applications where portability and easy rigging are critical.

  • Capacities & Lift – Rated loads from 1/2 to 20 Tons in stock with standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 feet. Standard hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift. Other lifts and
    hand chain drops, and 25-50 Ton models are available – consult the factory.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Designed for portability and easy installation. Compact gear housing provides low headroom.
  • Easy To Operate – Lubricated bearings and bushings, bearing-mounted pinions, and heat-treated spur gearing ensure smooth and efficient operation with minimal
  • Safety & Load Control – Mechanical load brake engages instantly for precise load holding and positioning. 360o swivel hooks with safety latches for positive load
  • Durable – Through hardened load chain provides added strength and wear resistance for greater chain life. Stamped steel housing withstands rugged conditions.
  • Easy To Maintain – Designed for easy inspection and maintenance. Hoist can be dismantled easily with simple hand tools.
  • Lifetime Warranty

LSB-B Ratchet Lever Hoist

Coffing LSB-B Model – Stamped steel ratchet lever hoists are lightweight and durable. The LSB-B’s low handle effort and 360o rotating handle make it easy to operate, and the onehanded free chaining mechanism provides easy rigging. The LSB-B is ideal for construction and commercial applications.

  • Capacities & Lift – Rated loads of 3/4, 1-1/2, 3, and 6 Tons, with 5, 10, 15 and 20 foot standard lifts.
    Other lifts available.
  • Optional Load Limiter – Load Limiter alerts operator of a possible overload by allowing the handle to rotate without lifting the higher-than capacity load. The load limiter can be field-installed.
  • Rugged and Lightweight – Impact resistant, stamped steel housing withstands rigorous use. Compact
    design is portable and easy to rig.
  • Low Handle Effort – Double reduction gearing and short, cushioned-grip handle provide easy operation
    with minimal handle effort.
  • 360o Rotating Handle – Provides versatile rigging options when used in confined spaces.
  • Easy Free Chaining – State-of-the-art free wheeling mechanism allows quick and easy one-handed take-up and positioning of slack chain.
  • Positive Load Control – Enclosed screw-and-disc brake type load brake stays clean and dry for positive load positioning. Latches on hooks provide positive load engagement.
  • Options – Shipyard hook available for 1-1/2 Ton and 3 Ton Models.
  • Lifetime Warranty

TB-602 Mini-Hoist

  • 550 lbs. Capacity
  • 5 Ft. Standard Lift
  • Plated Load Chain
  • Weston-type Load Brake
  • Rubber Hand Grip for better comfort and security
  • Lightweight Design (only 6 lbs.) for ease of Portability
  • Use in confined conditions with one-hand operation
  • Forged Upper and Lower Hooks with Latches
  • Impact Resistant, all-steel frame, gear case and cover
  • Hardened link-type steel load chain for strength and long wear
  • Free Wheeling feature serves to quickly attach the load
  • Metric Rated
Manual Chain Hoists